Inaugural Midnight on the Mesa brings 12 hours of fun


Courtesy photos

PINEDALE – The inaugural Midnight on the Mesa trail relay race welcomed participants from across the country and proved a massive success.

The event, put on by Friends of PAC and enabled by a slew of sponsors, featured 32 four-person teams that competed from midnight until noon on June 19 in hopes of running the most laps. A total of 128 participants from 15 states came to Pinedale to compete in the event’s creation. Half of the runners were locals.

The event’s winning team, Coloratah Tigers, completed 21 laps of the 4-mile course. The course was illuminated with glow-in-the-dark markers and participants received glow-in-the-dark water bottles.

Funds raised from the event were in support of the Pinedale Aquatic Center.

Placement results

Mixed: Coloratah Tigers, 21 laps; Tread of Night, 19 laps; Clark Crawlers, 19 laps; Still Crazy After All These Years, 16 laps; Midnight at the Oasis, 15 laps; Dusty Dogs, 15 laps; Injured, Undertrained and Half Committed, 13 laps; K=MV2, 12 laps; The Wining Dead, 12 laps; Real Estate of Wyoming, 10 laps; Average Joes, 10 laps; Jorgensen, 9 laps. 

Male: Pancake Pounders, 18 laps. 

Female: Valley Girls, 20 laps; Speed Goat Gear, 18 laps; Glow Worm-eel, 15 laps; Smith Family, 15 laps; Blood, Sweat & Beers, 15 laps; Running from Quarantine, 13 laps; Alpine Moms Gone Wild, 12 laps; South Beach Cruisers, 12 laps; Leg Warmers, 12 laps; Twisted Blister, 12 laps; Ladies of the Night, 11 laps; HS Girls Team, 6 laps; 4 Queens, 4 laps.