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More government transparency coming from your newspapers

The Wyoming Press Association has brought a bill to the 67th Wyoming Legislature requiring the state’s newspapers to publish all public notices that appear in print editions on their websites, too.

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Life is better than ever if work is not your forte

With my phone, which has more computing power than the Apollo 11 had when it went to the moon and back, I’d texted my kids, reaching them in less than a second. Their response was slightly slower as they decided if they really wanted to ruin their day by getting into a lengthy communication with the woman they’ve never forgiven for making them, when ill with strep throat, get shots instead of pills. It was a mere sampling of their childhood … hell on earth.

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Living – Life – Large

The average price for a dozen eggs is around $4.25, unless you’re shopping at Ridley’s; then it’s closer to $8.25. In Mexico a dozen eggs is around $2.20 USD. The average price for all countries is $2.87 USD.

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Legislative Updates – Jan 16 through Jan. 19

As a citizen legislature, there is limited time to discuss all the ideas brought forward by legislators. Today, we spent time discussing the rules for this legislative session with the aim of deciding on procedures that will allow us to run a smooth and effective legislative process. The House considered several rule changes today. There has been a great deal of discussion about how large a majority it requires to bring a bill out of the Speaker’s desk, or move a bill up on the Majority Floor Leader’s bill order for the day.

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Letter to the editor: It doesn't take a scientist

We are not scientists, but it doesn’t take a scientist to know that this gravel pit and hot mix asphalt plant will enormously affect the environment and quality of life for the surrounding area. The U.S. Office of the Environmental Protection Agency, Air Quality, Planning and Standards states, “Asphalt processing … facilities are major sources of hazardous air pollutants … exposure to these air toxins may cause cancer, central nervous system problems, liver damage, respiratory problems and skin irritation.”

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An open letter from the Green River Valley Health Foundation

As a foundation, we want to make sure that we are able to meet the needs of our community in advancing health and wellness, as well as being able to continue to support our clinics and the future critical access hospital. After much consideration, we felt keeping our independence would best help us continue to accomplish this.

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Legislative Update – Jan. 10

The last Speaker of the House to be elected from Pinedale was Dick Luman in 1943. Needless to say, it has been a long time since Sublette County had a Speaker of the House.

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Column: What does it mean to be local?

Again, I will share the advice of the late Snook Moore, an outfitter that lived up Tosi Creek, “Never live on a place ya’ can’t pee off the porch.”

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Column: No one is youer than you

As the new year starts, it’s not usually a significant end to something or the monumental beginning of anything else. It’s simply another try at being a lot more valuable than we were, attempting to eliminate vices and willingly striving to be part of the solution and not the problem. None of us have it all figured out and also everybody’s family is crazy.

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The Intrepid Explorer – Dec. 30

I am not a political person. I have no political party or hold any affiliation with one. I prefer being a freethinking individual rather than part of a group that only holds one opinion and supports just one side. As for me, the only party I choose to be a member of, or become excited about the rallies of, is one that includes a tumbler and ice cubes.

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Legislative update – Dec. 28

Rep. Albert Sommers reports prior to the 2023 General Session of the 67th Legislature.

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Poinsettias – December 2022

A most unique holiday plant is the poinsettia that is often seen around Christmas because they “bloom” when day lengths shorten. Actually, the colorful part of the plant that looks like a flower petal is a bract – you have to look closely to see the real, tiny yellow flowers. Bracts range from creamy white to pink to the traditional bright red and some varieties have bracts with patterns in red/white, pink/white, green/white and even bright orange.

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Column: Human bodies are amazing

Every day, a heart sends 2,000 gallons of blood through our bodies, creating enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a lifetime, that’s equivalent to going to the moon and back. Also in a day, the human heart beats 100,000 times, which is roughly 60 to 100 times a minute. That’s a boring, middle of the road rate since an Etruscan shrew’s heart beats 1,500 times per minute or 25 times per second.

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Affordable housing returning to Town Council agenda in New Year

Included among the many options for affordable housing was a land-trust concept, said Murdock. In this situation, a local nonoprofit, rather than the Town of Pinedale, would own and manage the land under a trust. The idea “worked well” in several communities in Wyoming, Murdock added.

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From the Green River Valley Museum archives: the search for Carl Bain

Melvin David told this century-old tale to Toni David, who shared it with the Sublette Examiner and Pinedale Roundup in celebration of the Sublette County Centennial.

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Tug’s Christmas meaning revisited

One December when Tug was home from college, I’d written our Christmas letter and left it on my desk. The next morning, I found a revised version he’d done in humor form, good-naturedly torturing all the family including me. He wrote poetry as a youngster and I’m still amazed at his ability. He’s amazed I’ve managed to live this long and not get hit by a bus.

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From the Green River Valley Museum archives

A moment in time would make all the difference in the separation of these two friends in the midst of the Battle of Chickamauga in Georgia. John W. Thomas was captured and sent to the Confederate Libby Prison in Richmond. The squalid conditions of the prison took a toll on him and he did not live to see his 26th birthday. George Dutro Sullivan survived the war and his descendants call the Green River Valley their home. Ora Sullivan was the second wife of Otto Leifer, one of the first ranchers near Big Piney.

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Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections, words from the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy

What you think about today is a lot of what you thought about yesterday. These mundane thoughts have probably been with you in days prior as well. This is often why a lot of what is, stays the same. We attract what we focus on and most people of today are repeating cycles. Clear your mind, your mental cycle cache. Purge it and let it go. Make ample room for the new thoughts that are arriving every minute.

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Letter to the editor: Opportunity for public comments

For the Sublette County’s Doyle Pit Mine, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) will be holding a public comments meeting on Dec. 14, 6 p.m., at the Pinedale Library in the Lovitt Room. Plan to attend as this will be a good opportunity for you to let the WDEQ and your county commissioners know what you think about the county’s plan to build an open pit mine within the county’s largest population area. The planned mine is located adjacent to the town of Pinedale and surrounded by four subdivisions. The meeting will be an excellent opportunity to have your voice heard.

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Guest column: Shout out to members of the Sublette County Planning & Zoning Commission!

Even when they were bullied and insulted by the JFR representative, the members responded in a collected manner. In fact, the JFR representative’s behavior wasn’t just rude, it was as slippery as cow manure on a corral rail.

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Christmas is supposed to be sweet

I’m not a guessing gal, I’m telling you right here beyond a shadow of a doubt, that forlorn bread-and-booze concoction was a fruitcake, and not even a tornado wants a fruitcake.

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Statement on the Club Q shooting

The only prevention for what happened on the night of Nov. 20, 2022 is for communities to stand up against hate and bigotry.

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Guest column: Expert input needed for good decisions

We propose, in cases where county departments do not have required expertise, the county departments should have a mechanism in place to hire expert advice that is compensated by the applicant but certainly not selected by the applicant. Consulting with and using the timely input from subject matter experts is fundamental in the process of maintaining objectivity based on facts for contentious cases the Planning and Zoning Commission and the BOCC have before them for consideration. In our opinion, the process appears especially problematic because the county seems to be forced to do their own “best analysis” in areas they have no expertise in or rely on input from “experts” paid for by the applicant.

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The Intrepid Explorer: Nov. 21, 2022

You must integrate and make it clear to the locals that you are one of them. You cannot call yourself a local until the locals designate you thus. This might even include a 1-percent outlaw biker club beat-in to get your local patch. So until then you may just be a hopeful prospect.

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Letter to the editor: Making a difference

From far away we have made a difference! They are very grateful! Each load costs $500 for fuel and $300 for two rooms and a few meals. Some good people donated to cover 90 percent of the costs. Thank you so much! It has pretty much been the same 125 or so wonderful citizens that gave for all nine loads. Some people gave three and four times over. You have good hearts!

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Thanksgiving makes for good stories

We were talking on the phone at the time of his whining and my eyes began to well with tears, not in sadness or regret or even shame. No, I was holding in mirth and it was making me near to bursting with delight at hearing his bellyaching. I knew from the time he was out of the high chair and into his booster seat that he was totally uncomfortable with any holiday dinner conversation that didn’t involve football, torturing his siblings or jokes. I wasn’t concerned with any dislike of sentimentality and continued to force him and the rest of our offspring to talk about those terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad feelings of gratefulness, thankfulness, joy and love. Making my kids squirm was the best part of my Thanksgiving. I’ve told you, I’m a terrible mother.

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Thanksgiving memories are usually zany

Two days before Thanksgiving, our turkey arrived via Gar, straining slightly to pack it to the cupboard. That was my first clue that I was in for a tussle, but the real shock came as I peeled back the bag containing it. This thing was something out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. It had been hand-plucked and cleaned, for which I will always hold Lyn, Tim and his dad, Ed, in a special place in my tiny heart, but the bird was gargantuan. With furrowed brows, I contemplated our refrigerator, too dopy to think ahead to the oven.

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Letter to the editor: Ignorance is bliss

It has, however, been said that at any given time in today’s culture that 80 to 90 percent of the population is ignorant or unaware of what is really going on and that plays very well to those who want to control our thought process.

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Dear editor: The gate's there for a reason!

The gate has a sign on it that says, “Please close gate.” That is there for a reason.

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Letter to the editor: ‘Social contract’

Chris Lacinak wrote an excellent piece in the Oct. 21 Pinedale Roundup. It deserves a followup. He makes the case that the Comprehensive Plan and the zoning regulations that execute its vision are supposed to represent a social contract “between and among Sublette County public servants and Sublette County citizens.”

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Guest column: In defense of Game and Fish and building bridges

As one of five Sublette County Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commissioners, I have some serious concerns about these statements. First, I would first like to set the record straight on the great and valuable work of G&F in support of P&Z.

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Eiden: Furniture was never meant to last

When we met, Gar was a bachelor with an eclectic assortment of furniture and decorations that I was fairly certain we needed to burn.

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Barrasso: Irresponsible Democrats pushing for U.S. to follow California's failed energy model

Democrats are trying to impose California‘s unreliable energy policies on the rest of the country. Americans are responding, “Don’t turn America into California!”

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Eiden: Fear not – your children will always need you

Parents are never unemployed.

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Lummis: The West is burning and politics are fanning the flames

As smoke from summer Western wildfires spreads all the way to Maine, the entire country finally realizes what the West has long known: America’s forest-management policies are not working.

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Contributing to the chaos - Sept. 17

As I look at the illusion of reality, brought forth by the incompatible deeming that to be you must be compatible with incompatible, I slow my steps.

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Eiden: I'm understanding a few things better

I’m understanding a few things better as time goes by. It takes longer for me because I’m a little hardheaded.

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9/11 retrospective: A different country now

This is a column from Roundup editor Brady Oltmans as part of the Roundup's anniversary coverage of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

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9/11 retrospective: Why it's called terrorism

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Roundup has published columns from its Sept. 13, 2001, edition. This is from Rob Shaul, editor and publisher of the Roundup at the time.

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9/11 retrospective: Land of the Free...Home of the Brave

A guest column from Aidan M. Mullett II, that was originally published in the Pinedale Roudup's Sept. 13, 2001, edition.

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Legislative Update – Aug. 31

Hello Sublette County, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from the 2021 interim work of the 66th Legislature.

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Contributing to the chaos

Local commentary from contributor Dan Abernathy.

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Our body has a wired set point

I recently read an article stating, “Don’t scold yourself for gaining weight, your body is wired to return to a natural set point.”

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Contributing to the chaos

Washing the Day Away

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Relationships are hard

Gar and I are still married after 42 years, even after spending two winters in a 30-foot camper.

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Legislative Update – Aug. 1

Hello Sublette County, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from interim work of the 66th Legislature.

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Contributing to the chaos

Due to the what, of what is, we as small-town dwellers are seeing firsthand a seemingly no end to the new disembarking from urban arenas. Because we were raised this way we, for the most part, accept them with open arms.

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Sublette Centennial 'pioneers' sought

The search is on for residents of Sublette County for at least 50 years to be recognized as a “Sublette Centennial Pioneer.”

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Proposed ordinance bringing out the worst in us

This is an editorial from the staff at the Pinedale Roundup.

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Parents are never done helping kids

I do think 4-H is a hecka lotta work for mom and dad.

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Biden nominees spell disaster for Wyoming

By Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

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Contributing to the chaos

It’s not that I’m totally rebelling against the ways of now.

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Bears and I have a lot in common

Bears are not my favorite animal; in fact I really dislike bears, but I’ll admit, we have a lot in common.

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Contributing to the chaos

Pole Creek is a small river that was born in the high granite cracks of the Wind River Range.

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It's Christmas in July, in letter form

In case you hadn’t noticed, every year the Eiden’s Christmas letter gets later and later, until this year, it’s an epistle for Christmas in July. Lucky you.

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Contributing to the chaos

On May 9, we celebrated Mother’s Day amidst the turmoil of weak people offended by the name of the day. During this invasion of offensive terminology, I introduced my mother.

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Off the beaten path

Finding outdoor solitude in Sublette County is easy.

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Legislative update – The Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce

I am in Casper for meetings of the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce.

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Men better have a sense of humor

From Trena Eiden.

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My hiking partner

The first time I took my best friend up on a mountain, he was a shivering puppy in the snow.

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Contributing to the chaos

The Flowers on Fremont.

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Nancy Beth Burstad

May 14, 1955 – May 26, 2021

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Monogamous animals don't know how long marriage lasts

By Trena Eiden

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Let conservative states lead on reducing national debt

From Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

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Contributing to the chaos

In the movie “Forrest Gump,” Forrest was asked if he was stupid. He replied, “Stupid is as stupid does,” meaning that a person should be judged by his actions, not his appearance.

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I talk to myself while I walk

At my and Gar’s age, not to mention our activity level, which is less than any sloth on planet earth, we’re certain we should be moving our joints every day, so I walk and Gar swims.

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Contributing to the chaos

By Dan Abernathy

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Once a mother - always a mother

Recently, sleep physiologist Rachel Markwald set out to study fatigue on a Navy warship.

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Brunette chose as regional Volunteer of the Year

Des has been a part of our MESA program since its inception nearly 10 years ago.

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Contributing to the chaos

There are people who find anger with who you are for speaking your truth.

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Highway Patrolman problems

It was a Monday morning so I naturally didn’t have a joyful spirit, similar to how I am on all the other days of the week.

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Wyoming 66th Legislature – Update No. 5

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22

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Lummis: Call it a crisis

Night after night, Wyoming citizens are turning on the news to see a national security and humanitarian crisis unfolding at our southern border.

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Contributing to the chaos

Local commentary from Dan Abernathy.

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Legislative Update – April 3

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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It's not easy living with a brown-haired blonde

I use a hair product called “Freeze-It” to keep my mop in place and my motto is, “One can never, no not ever, use too much hairspray.”

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Contributing to the chaos

From Dan Abernathy

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Legislative Update – March 26, 29

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20.

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Wyoming 66th Legislature Update 4

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22.

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Let's start over

From Dr. Brendan Fitzsimmons.

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Daytime habits that affect your sleep at night

Local commentary from Trena Eiden.

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Legislative Update – March 20

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Ricketts: The fight for Wyoming's economy

From Bondurant resident and former TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Ricketts.

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Contributing to the chaos

An underlying problem I feel, in this masked world we exist in right now, is not seeing faces anymore.

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Legislative Update – March 12, 16

Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Wyoming 66th Legislature Update No. 3

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22

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Legislative Update – March 7-9

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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A chat with 10-year-old me

I’ve often thought what I’d say to my 10-year-old self if I could go back in time.

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Contributing to the Chaos

Mindfulness is awareness. It is to know, feel and see what is happening in the moment.

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Legislative Update – Feb. 28, March 1-2

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Church people are much too trusting

We try to attend church everywhere we visit.

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Contributing to the Chaos

Some of us stay up way too late at night, but for myself, I get up way too early in the morning.

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Sommers: Funding Wyoming's K12 education program

A brief history and the situation the Legislature faces this session.

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Eiden: The first week is always the hardest

After arriving in Florida, we stayed with our kids for a few days while setting up the camper.

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Legislative Update – Feb. 3-6

From House Rep. Albert Sommers, District No. 20.

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OP-ED: Presidential suspension on mineral development bad for Wyoming’s wildlife

Brian Nesvik is the director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He has worked on behalf of Wyoming wildlife and people for over 25 years.

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Contributing to the Chaos

I do believe it is time that we begin to put the pieces back together, if in fact we are not beyond fixable.

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Robinson: GOP purity test

A letter from Sublette County Republican Party Chairman Jim Robinson.

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