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Legislative Update — Sept. 19

Hello Sublette County and LaBarge, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from the interim of the 66th Legislature. On Sept. 6-7, I participated in the Joint Education Committee (JEC) meeting in Cheyenne. On Sept. 8, along with a delegation of folks from Sublette County, we met with members and staff of the State Land and Investment Board (SLIB) to discuss state grant funding for Sublette County’s new hospital project.

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Come celebrate with us!

Members will read from past publications and from their own writings. This celebration is in conjunction with an art show of Delsa Allen’s photography.

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Column: Sport fishing and conservation

Most fishers, local or visitors, are not that interested in the history or current philosophy surrounding recreational fishing and conservation of aquatic species. They want to visit a pristine stream or lake, absorb nature and have an opportunity to hook a game fish. I believe it would be good, particularly for locals, to have an understanding of the complexities of managing recreational fishing in conjunction with conservation and how it relates to the water they are currently fishing.

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Letter to the editor: county virtues?

Sublette County elected commissioners Joel Bousman, Sam White and Tom Noble have opened the flood gates for out-of-state developers to rezone (A1) ultra rural migratory corridors of threatened species for individual developer financial gain against Sublette County Planning and Zoning Board recommendations and overwhelming Sublette County resident opposition. The allowance to rezone for out-of-state billionaire Joe Ricketts' Upper Hoback resort and multi-millionaire California real estate developers Jason (Smee Homes Inc/CA and Rim Realty Inc/WY) and Melinda Moyes' (Melson Realty/CA and Rim Realty Inc/WY) 40 Rod property for monetary gain is contradictory to community virtue.

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Clay Kainer announces candidacy for Sublette County and Prosecuting Attorney

In May of 2022, Kainer had no intention of running as a Republican nominee for the office of the Sublette County and Prosecuting Attorney. Although he knew there was widespread dissatisfaction with the current administration, he did not appreciate how bad things had truly become. A wide and diverse group of citizens who approached Kainer made it clear that the candidates who were on the ballot for the Republican nomination would simply maintain the status quo.

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The Intrepid Explorer: Sept. 30

We are asked to shoulder the responsibility and allow punishment from the atrocities of our forefathers. Everyone of now should deny this. We should never forget what has transpired. In fact, this is what we should learn from.

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Sublette County Artists’ Guild early activities

The membership of the Artists’ Guild has always been very involved in creating countywide community events. In 1935 the club sponsored a reenactment of the Green River Rendezvous, with members writing the script and helping put on the show at the Daniel historical site. The pageant has continued on in the same tradition under the sponsorship of the Sublette County Historical Society and now the Green River Rendezvous Pageant Association.

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Column: We get stranded because we’re not bright

Like everyone else who lives in this cold tundra, we plan our summers carefully. All winter as we’re notified of summer happenings, we jot it down, and one particular weekend, “shindig” was on our list. We got up early, donning shorts, hats and sunglasses, remembering money and sunscreen, and loaded our lawn chairs. It never crossed our minds to tote an extra car battery. Boy, we’re irresponsible … and dense.

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Letter to the editor

I would like to encourage Dr. J.I. Bertoncelj to educate herself on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. I believe she will discover that without the efforts of past hunter/conservationists like John Audubon and Teddy Roosevelt, it's unlikely there would be "magnificent bull moose" to view.

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The Intrepid Explorer 

The more "likes" we have, the more "likes" we want.

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What you don’t know about the Sublette County Artists’ Guild

Over its 94-year history the Sublette County Artists’ Guild has put out seven publications featuring members’ contributions in poetry, personal experiences and local history.

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Letter to the editor

"Even though the Game and Fish have designated areas around Pinedale, perhaps they could expand the “no hunting” areas farther out, away from the town, lake, beaches, campgrounds, etc."

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Column: Peeing is not straightforward

Nearly everyone in the working world has been forced to do a urine drug test.

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The Intrepid Explorer

However, what I am witnessing in today's so-called society, one that I cannot condone or boldly claim participating residence in, I find enormous disbelief.

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Guest column: Where have all the workers gone?

Numbers point in two different directions. Our older workers are retiring in numbers greater than we’ve experienced before, including those who are retiring at a non-traditional age (i.e., under age 65); and the decline in millennials working in Wyoming is substantially greater than the decline in the state’s overall millennial population. There are several possible reasons for this...

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Local column: College kids just need money

Another funny item was a vacuum. Oh, so naïve. It said Bissell models came with a washable filter. If a kid ever packed a cleaning device into a dorm, trust me, it would never be moved from its spot, and that filter would remain so pristine, you could use it in a surgical unit.

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Letter to the editor: Is this heaven? No, it’s Pinedale, Wyoming

Our story begins when our car’s fuel pump failed just outside the city limits of Pinedale.

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The Intrepid Explorer

Nietzsche became “an inscription surface” for the typewriter and famously typed "our writing tools are also working on our thoughts." This meaning is that when we use a typewriter, as when we now use a smartphone, at one level we are inscribing information onto paper or a screen; but at another level the device is inscribing ways of thinking on us.

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The odd couple is still alive and well

You know how they say opposites attract? Maybe it’s true.

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Eiden: Furniture was never meant to last

When we met, Gar was a bachelor with an eclectic assortment of furniture and decorations that I was fairly certain we needed to burn.

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Barrasso: Irresponsible Democrats pushing for U.S. to follow California's failed energy model

Democrats are trying to impose California‘s unreliable energy policies on the rest of the country. Americans are responding, “Don’t turn America into California!”

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Eiden: Fear not – your children will always need you

Parents are never unemployed.

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Lummis: The West is burning and politics are fanning the flames

As smoke from summer Western wildfires spreads all the way to Maine, the entire country finally realizes what the West has long known: America’s forest-management policies are not working.

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Contributing to the chaos - Sept. 17

As I look at the illusion of reality, brought forth by the incompatible deeming that to be you must be compatible with incompatible, I slow my steps.

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Eiden: I'm understanding a few things better

I’m understanding a few things better as time goes by. It takes longer for me because I’m a little hardheaded.

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9/11 retrospective: A different country now

This is a column from Roundup editor Brady Oltmans as part of the Roundup's anniversary coverage of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

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9/11 retrospective: Why it's called terrorism

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Roundup has published columns from its Sept. 13, 2001, edition. This is from Rob Shaul, editor and publisher of the Roundup at the time.

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9/11 retrospective: Land of the Free...Home of the Brave

A guest column from Aidan M. Mullett II, that was originally published in the Pinedale Roudup's Sept. 13, 2001, edition.

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Legislative Update – Aug. 31

Hello Sublette County, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from the 2021 interim work of the 66th Legislature.

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Contributing to the chaos

Local commentary from contributor Dan Abernathy.

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Our body has a wired set point

I recently read an article stating, “Don’t scold yourself for gaining weight, your body is wired to return to a natural set point.”

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Contributing to the chaos

Washing the Day Away

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Relationships are hard

Gar and I are still married after 42 years, even after spending two winters in a 30-foot camper.

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Legislative Update – Aug. 1

Hello Sublette County, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from interim work of the 66th Legislature.

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Contributing to the chaos

Due to the what, of what is, we as small-town dwellers are seeing firsthand a seemingly no end to the new disembarking from urban arenas. Because we were raised this way we, for the most part, accept them with open arms.

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Sublette Centennial 'pioneers' sought

The search is on for residents of Sublette County for at least 50 years to be recognized as a “Sublette Centennial Pioneer.”

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Proposed ordinance bringing out the worst in us

This is an editorial from the staff at the Pinedale Roundup.

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Parents are never done helping kids

I do think 4-H is a hecka lotta work for mom and dad.

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Biden nominees spell disaster for Wyoming

By Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

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Contributing to the chaos

It’s not that I’m totally rebelling against the ways of now.

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Bears and I have a lot in common

Bears are not my favorite animal; in fact I really dislike bears, but I’ll admit, we have a lot in common.

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Contributing to the chaos

Pole Creek is a small river that was born in the high granite cracks of the Wind River Range.

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It's Christmas in July, in letter form

In case you hadn’t noticed, every year the Eiden’s Christmas letter gets later and later, until this year, it’s an epistle for Christmas in July. Lucky you.

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Contributing to the chaos

On May 9, we celebrated Mother’s Day amidst the turmoil of weak people offended by the name of the day. During this invasion of offensive terminology, I introduced my mother.

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Off the beaten path

Finding outdoor solitude in Sublette County is easy.

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Legislative update – The Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce

I am in Casper for meetings of the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce.

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Men better have a sense of humor

From Trena Eiden.

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My hiking partner

The first time I took my best friend up on a mountain, he was a shivering puppy in the snow.

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Contributing to the chaos

The Flowers on Fremont.

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Nancy Beth Burstad

May 14, 1955 – May 26, 2021

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Monogamous animals don't know how long marriage lasts

By Trena Eiden

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Let conservative states lead on reducing national debt

From Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

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Contributing to the chaos

In the movie “Forrest Gump,” Forrest was asked if he was stupid. He replied, “Stupid is as stupid does,” meaning that a person should be judged by his actions, not his appearance.

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I talk to myself while I walk

At my and Gar’s age, not to mention our activity level, which is less than any sloth on planet earth, we’re certain we should be moving our joints every day, so I walk and Gar swims.

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Contributing to the chaos

By Dan Abernathy

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Once a mother - always a mother

Recently, sleep physiologist Rachel Markwald set out to study fatigue on a Navy warship.

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Brunette chose as regional Volunteer of the Year

Des has been a part of our MESA program since its inception nearly 10 years ago.

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Contributing to the chaos

There are people who find anger with who you are for speaking your truth.

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Highway Patrolman problems

It was a Monday morning so I naturally didn’t have a joyful spirit, similar to how I am on all the other days of the week.

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Wyoming 66th Legislature – Update No. 5

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22

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Lummis: Call it a crisis

Night after night, Wyoming citizens are turning on the news to see a national security and humanitarian crisis unfolding at our southern border.

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Contributing to the chaos

Local commentary from Dan Abernathy.

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Legislative Update – April 3

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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It's not easy living with a brown-haired blonde

I use a hair product called “Freeze-It” to keep my mop in place and my motto is, “One can never, no not ever, use too much hairspray.”

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Contributing to the chaos

From Dan Abernathy

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Legislative Update – March 26, 29

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20.

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Wyoming 66th Legislature Update 4

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22.

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Let's start over

From Dr. Brendan Fitzsimmons.

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Daytime habits that affect your sleep at night

Local commentary from Trena Eiden.

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Legislative Update – March 20

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Ricketts: The fight for Wyoming's economy

From Bondurant resident and former TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Ricketts.

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Contributing to the chaos

An underlying problem I feel, in this masked world we exist in right now, is not seeing faces anymore.

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Legislative Update – March 12, 16

Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Wyoming 66th Legislature Update No. 3

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22

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Legislative Update – March 7-9

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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A chat with 10-year-old me

I’ve often thought what I’d say to my 10-year-old self if I could go back in time.

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Contributing to the Chaos

Mindfulness is awareness. It is to know, feel and see what is happening in the moment.

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Legislative Update – Feb. 28, March 1-2

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Church people are much too trusting

We try to attend church everywhere we visit.

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Contributing to the Chaos

Some of us stay up way too late at night, but for myself, I get up way too early in the morning.

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Sommers: Funding Wyoming's K12 education program

A brief history and the situation the Legislature faces this session.

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Eiden: The first week is always the hardest

After arriving in Florida, we stayed with our kids for a few days while setting up the camper.

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Legislative Update – Feb. 3-6

From House Rep. Albert Sommers, District No. 20.

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OP-ED: Presidential suspension on mineral development bad for Wyoming’s wildlife

Brian Nesvik is the director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He has worked on behalf of Wyoming wildlife and people for over 25 years.

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Contributing to the Chaos

I do believe it is time that we begin to put the pieces back together, if in fact we are not beyond fixable.

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Robinson: GOP purity test

A letter from Sublette County Republican Party Chairman Jim Robinson.

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