Unofficial results of the 2022 General Election

Joy Ufford photo Sublette County Sheriff's deputies escorted ballots from all polling places across the county to the clerk's office at the courthouse in Pinedale.

SUBLETTE COUNTY — The first box of ballots arrived at the Sublette County Courthouse in Pinedale 40 minutes after the polls closed at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8.
According to the Sublette County Clerk's office, there were 5,446 registered voters prior to Election Day, 353 absentee ballots returned and 757 residents who voted early.
Sublette County Sheriff's deputies escorted the ballots to the courthouse in Pinedale from all polling locations. The first arrived from Boulder with deputy Dave Siefkes at 7:40. Deputy Gregory Kemp pulled in five minutes later with ballots from Pinedale. Deputies arrived with votes from Big Piney, Marbleton and Bondurant at 8:20 p.m. The ballots from Daniel were the last to arrive Tuesday night at 8:29. 

The following are the unofficial results of the 2022 General Election, beginning with local offices. The election results will not be finalized until canvassing wraps up in the coming days. 

County attorney (one, 4-year term):

Clayton M. Melinkovich, Republican 2,481 votes

Clay Kainer, Independent 991 votes

Write-in totals: 10

County commissioner (two, 4-year terms):

Mack Bradley, Republican 2,585 votes

Douglas J. Vickrey, Republican 2,493 votes

Troy Bredthauer, Independent 849 votes

Write-in totals: 105

County assessor (one, 4-year term):

Laila Illoway, Republican 3,205 votes

Write-in totals: 32

County coroner (one, 4-year term):

Curt Covill, Republican 3,307 votes

Write-in totals: 15

County clerk (one, 4-year term):

Carrie Long, Republican 3,095 votes

Write-in totals: 137

County treasurer (one, 4-year term): 

Emily Paravicini, Republican 3,289 votes

Write-in totals: 16

County sheriff (one, 4-year term):

KC Lehr, Republican 3,206 votes

Write-in totals: 94

Clerk of District Court (one, 4-year term):

Janet Montgomery, Republican 3,232 votes

Write-in totals: 13

Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees (four, 4-year terms):

Chris Nelson 1,689 votes

Jesse McGinnis 1,579 votes

Jamison Ziegler 1,473 votes

Charles E. Prior 1,320 votes

Bill Winney 954 votes

Write-in totals: 104

Sublette County School District No. 9 Board of Trustees (two, 4-year terms):

Alan Vickrey 667 votes

John Chekan 501 votes

Write-in totals: 24

Sublette County Hospital District Board of Trustees (three, 4-year terms):

Kenda Tanner 2,537 votes

David J. Bell 2,455 votes

Ashli Tatro 2,295 votes

Write-in totals: 82

Upper Green River Cemetery District Board of Trustees (three, 4-year terms):

Holly S. Thayne 1,983 votes

Carmen Hittle 1,834 votes

Mary Ellen Schooley 1,745 votes

Write-in totals: 24

Big Piney Cemetery District Board of Trustees (three, 4-year terms):

Margaret Kozeal 653 votes

Spencer Nichols 646 votes

Frank Morrison 579 votes

Write-in totals: 14

Sublette County Soil Conservation District Supervisor - Rural (one, 4-year term):

Coke Landers 2,874 votes

Write-in totals: 15

Sublette County Soil Conservation District Supervisor - Urban (one, 4-year term):

Darrell Walker 2,961 votes

Write-in totals: 13

State House District No. 20 (one, 4-year term):

Albert Sommers, Republican Albert Sommers, 3,134 votes

Write-in totals: 200

United States Representative (one, 2-year term):

Harriet Hageman, Republican 2,768 votes

Lynnette Greybull, Democratic 604 votes

Marissa Joy Selvig, Constitution 48 votes

Richard Brubaker, Libertarian 71 votes

Write-in totals: 59

Wyoming Governor (one, 4-year term):

Mark Gordon, Republican 2,899 votes

Theresa A. Livingston, Democratic 341 votes

Jared J. Baldes, Libertarian 123 votes

Write-in totals: 181

Wyoming Secretary of State (one 4-year term):

Chuck Gray, Republican 2,934 votes

Write-in totals: 164

Wyoming auditor (one, 4-year term):

Kristi Racines, Republican 3,131 votes

Write-in totals: 19

Wyoming superintendent of public instruction (one, 4-year term):

Megan Degenfelder, Republican 2,872 votes

Sergio A. Maldonado, Sr., Democratic 517 votes

Write-in totals: 63

Wyoming treasurer (one, 4-year term):

Curt Meier, Republican 3,152 votes

Write-in totals: 25

Constitutional Amendment A (allowing the funds of counties, cities and other political subdivisions to be invested in equities to the extent and in the manner the legislature may allow by law):

1,724 against

1,622 for

Constitutional Amendment B (increasing the mandatory retirement age of supreme court justices and district court judges from age 70 to age 75):

2,157 against 

1,328 for

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