Trap-release training could save lives

Still from Wyoming Untrapped's "How to Release Your Pet from a Trap - 2014" video.

PINEDALE — With the Wyoming furbearer trapping season getting underway Oct. 1, pet lovers in Pinedale are encouraged to attend Friday’s trap-release workshop hosted at the local library by Wyoming Untrapped.

The organization promotes trapping reform through education and advocacy, with the trap-release workshop being its most highly requested, in part because trapping is legal on nearly all public lands in the cowboy state. Trappers can lawfully set an unlimited number of traps in Wyoming, including along near popular hiking spots.

Traps and snares are nearly impossible to see and are often baited to lure animals in close. Pets caught in traps or snares may only have minutes to live once the device is activated. More than 85 Wyoming dogs were reportedly trapped and 11 killed since 2000, according to the organization.

Dave Pauli, program manager of Wildlife Conflict and Wildlife Protection for the Humane Society of the United States, will lead Friday’s workshop, teaching participants how to quickly and safely release pets from a variety of traps. Pauli has been teaching these workshops for Wyoming Untrapped since 2013.

The trap-release workshop takes place Sept. 30 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Lovatt Community Room at the Pinedale Library, 155 S. Tyler Ave. Registration is not required for the free event and participants of all ages are welcome to attend.

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