The Intrepid Explorer: Sept. 30

Dan Abernathy courtesy photo

As I hear, feel and become witness to the growing feelings, displeasure and warlike aggressive hostile attitudes aroused by the wrongs of the past, I feel a loss and sadness. How can people of today who carry so much resentful wrath, hatred and anger in their hearts ever have the capability of love and to know peace and compassion in the present?

We are asked to shoulder the responsibility and allow punishment from the atrocities of our forefathers. Everyone of now should deny this. We should never forget what has transpired. In fact, this is what we should learn from. 

Personally I resent and will resist and will not be blamed or punished for something I couldn’t have done. I also will not condone the aggressions and behavior of the entities that will not tire of forcing a false responsibility on me. We are only responsible for our own actions as we walk in this time now.

The only way for a wound to heal is to no longer touch it. When you free yourself from wounds that you were not part of, the scars will heal. The past will no longer bind or define you. You will step out of the darkness and reveal who you truly are. 

The first movement and footprint towards freedom and peace within, which is the most important, is that which derives from your soul in your own uncensored suchness.

I will not stand alone with the doors locked and the windows closed because we have been forced to trust what is being given to us. We cannot trust those that are seeking refuge from the flickering tongue. 

Its untrammeled rationalism, a sermon with no restraint in which the population is willingly accepting compliance as the sole reason without questioning. The people inhabiting society seemingly do not care for or want the truth. They just want consistency. A constant reassurance that what is being voiced as the truth is what is the truth, even if it is not the truth. This is rendering society ailing and unsound as they dwell in the voluntary impulse of nausea.

As I look and see what should not be seen, there is an instant flicker to the flame of being when what is seen is the true heartless character of a soulless person. The way one treats someone who can’t benefit them, or how someone is treated that will not defend themself. This is a readable index to a soulless person's true character.

I have heard it said, or perhaps have seen the sign, depicting, that the only way out is through. I believe this may be true as now the only way out is being hidden from view, camouflaged and concealed as compliance has been put in its place. 

The sacrifice of living life now will not produce a better tomorrow. It is the true path of self that holds the truth of your suchness. Man can bicker and squabble all they want over all that has been done and what is being done. They can entertain all the conspiracy theories released, as each one is another concealment of what lies deep beneath. 

Freedom is being removed from more than just being free. Freedom is being removed from thought. Freethinking is not tolerated unless it is guided by an unseen source of manipulation, concealed and unseen sources of which we no longer know the intent.

With all of this talk and thought of what is — or what is not — we still, even if we don’t recognize it, want to be free. It’s all summed up with a quote from Charles Bukowski, “The free soul is rare, but you know when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.” 

Like a snake swallowing its own tail, it can be a vicious cycle. It may never enter your consciousness, the flat reality of the moment, but overthinking what was or what could be is dangerous and creates useless problems that are not really there.

It’s a matter of lack, a deficiency or absence of something needed or desirable. In short, it is without a certain undetermined or unspecified thing. Lack is the barrier hastily constructed as the hindrance in the path of abundance. The joy of abundance can only be measured and determined by what you choose to call plentiful with an overflowing fullness. 

This whole before mentioned thought of the lack of abundance is why I choose to cork the proboscis of the bloodsucking female mosquito so they too can be exposed to the way of lack. - dbA

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