The Intrepid Explorer: Oct. 14, 2022

Dan Abernathy courtesy photo

Chronologies, excerpts, fragments and reflections, words from the artistic journals of Dan Abernathy

No matter where I am, each morning, I open my journals and pour into them myself. These are my thoughts, ideas and contemplations of opinion or beliefs, all of which arrive from unlimited sources. Mind thoughts and dreams are our own, we see them invading the monarchy of social media, but they are ours in the conception of the beginning. I have chosen to share mine. Each word, prose or paragraph of the following excerpts is born on a page within my artistic journals.


It doesn’t take long to notice and understand that we are being pulled from freedom and buried with the weight of propaganda. Information that is so accessible is being confused with knowledge and the pursuit of wealth is seemingly replacing the quest for happiness.


Part of my philosophy for staying calm and living my highest self is choice and situation. I have no control over your situation, but I do have a choice. I can choose to be involved, or I can walk away. So I walk. I walk away from those who do not care to see my worth. I walk away from those that put me down to others. I walk away from fights and arguments that cannot be resolved. I walk away from the need to constantly please other people and bear the weight of their problems. I walk away from all the things that disrupt my flow of being, so there is no poisoning to my soul. 


It is nothing that has not always been revealed by the Ancient Ones. It’s just that we have allowed it to be manipulated so that humanity could better be controlled as they were led away into compliance. No one religion opens the door to a heavenly place. Believe what fits you, what brings calmness to your way of being, even if your choice is to use bits and pieces of many different philosophies, doctrines and beliefs. Find what fits the person that you are. Find the calmness of being who you are. Do as you would be done and walk softly with love, compassion, and kindness as your guides.


I live my life as a voice. I cannot be an echo. I also have a choice. This gives me the courage to be calm and to be alone. With choice, I embrace the people in my life because I want them there, not because I need them there to benefit or validate who I am.


As we advance into our being, which is being our true selves, we understand who we are as we gain the knowledge of self. If we ignore this and become blind to it, then we will just be living the illusions that others have created for us.


As you express yourself in greater detail, unfold and lay yourself open to the views of others, and by increasing your internal volume, the external world will respond. This is an action often holding confusion. Pay no attention to the concentration of the mind towards this response. You are starting to get to know yourself and it matters not what “they” may think of you. “They” are basing their response on their own personal influences and misconceptions.


Home, my home, wherever this may be, is a home of no anger or judgment. There is no rage, door slamming, or breaking glass. There is no name-calling or painting of negativity. My home is gentle and warm, a sanctuary with no room for fear or worries. It is governed by being alive as you discover living with joy and laughter. It is an altar of calmness, peace, love, and compassion, and a generously welcoming portion of space where you are welcomed with a smile.


We are constantly being shoved into what is correct. But what correct is what we are being told is correct from sources other than our own. If you want to be your true self and be correct, find calmness while not judging or comparing. Find respect for yourself and for the ways of others. Being correct is not finding what is wrong with someone, which originates from your individual foundation, and then trying to remove the errors or faults that you created. Be your complete self and respect that others are not who you are. They are their own wonderful identity.


There is a magnificent vestibule to be entered which leads to an unrestricted selection of doors with infinite openings. Try as I might, I simply cannot choose to enter the doors of the most common passage. My door is not everyone’s door, but my intuition guides me to the door that is best for who I am while I acquire knowledge about myself through the channeling of my soul.

- dbA 

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