Swimmers dive into season

Courtesy photo Senior Rhonda Auradou poses with her score sheet following the Lander Pentathlon. Auradou took fourth place in the event and qualified for State.

LANDER – The Sublette County girls’ swim team kicked off the 2022 fall season at the Bruce Gresly Pentathlon in Lander on Aug. 27.

Sublette County faced tough competition from schools across the region with more than a hundred athletes entering each event. A pentathlon tests the limits of a swimmer’s endurance with each athlete competing in five individual events – the 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke, 50 freestyle, 100 breaststroke and 100 freestyle.

The meet also featured diving. Pinedale High School senior Rhonda Auradou punched her ticket to State in the event, capturing fourth place with 275.30 points following 11 dives. Fellow PHS senior Morgan Grossman earned the Sportsmanship Award.

Co-Head Coach Kursty Day noted improvement in times by returning upperclassman and strong performances from incoming freshmen.

“It was good to see our upperclassmen compete again, most finishing as fast, if not faster, than last year’s fastest times,” she said. “We have 14 new freshmen this year that we are very excited to have on the team. Competing in all five individual events can be a little overwhelming for a freshman’s first meet. They did very well and I am excited to see what their season has in store for them.”

Sublette County’s upbeat attitude spread to other teams, said Co-Head Coach Ambr Seemann.

“The enthusiasm of our ladies encouraged other teams to enjoy interacting with opponents,” she added. “At one point, the Powell team joined the Sublette team in the Macarena while waiting for the meet to start. A positive, enthusiastic attitude prevailed throughout the competition. I am very proud of the effort put forward by all of our athletes and am anticipating great success this season.”


  • 100 butterfly: Grossman in 39th place at 1 minute, 22.57 seconds, Jolynn Jones in 48th at 1:25.56, Rayne Wheeler in 50th at 1:26.86, Alexis Thompson in 64th at 1:33.84, Maggie Walker in 65th at 1:34.28, KaLee Bohnet in 71st at 1:35.45, Addy Levitt in 72nd at 1:35.49, Emma York in 76th at 1:39.72, Bryne Arne in 84th at 1:56.48, Kamia Runyan in 86th at 1:59.18 and Hadlee Francis in 87th at 2:00.54.
  • 100 backstroke: Wheeler in 35th place at 1:17.37, Grossman in 39th at 1:20.33, Walker in 43rd at 1:21.76, Thompson in 54th at 1:25.08, Levitt in 62nd at 1:26.75, Jones in 73rd at 1:29.75, York in 78th at 1:31.78, Bohnet in 84th at 1:36.41, Libby Olson in 85th at 1:38.69, Runyan in 88th at 1:42.65, Francis in 89th at 1:49.80, Alyce Hayward in 90th at 1:50.56 and Arne in 92nd at 2:10.53.
  • 50 freestyle: Wheeler in 25th place at 29.13 seconds, Grossman in 31st at 29.45, Walker in 51st at 31.42, Thompson in 58th at 31.87, Levitt in 64th at 32.47, Jones in 68th at 32.88, York in 73rd at 33.42, Olson in 79th at 34.84, Bohnet in 80th at 34.97, Arne in 87th at 39.04, Francis in 88th at 39.38 and Hayward in 90th at 39.85.
  • 100 breaststroke: Wheeler in 26th place at 1:25.92, Walker in 43rd at 1:33.29, Grossman in 50th at 1:35.81, Thompson in 61st at 1:40.57, Jones in 64th at 1:41.91, Levitt in 65th at 1:42.41, York in 67th at 1:43.07, Runyan in 79th at 1:49.21, Arne in 83rd at 2:02.73, Olson in 84th at 2:03.23, Francis in 86th at 2:05.85 and Bohnet in 87th at 2:20.55.
  • 100 freestyle: Grossman in 26th place at 1:04.84, Wheeler in 29th at 1:05.46, Thompson in 57th at 1:12.84, York in 63rd at 1:14.92, Jones in 66th at 1:15.22, Walker in 68th at 1:15.27, Levitt in 73rd at 1:18.01, Bohnet in 84th at 1:22.04, Olson in 86th at 1:25.07, Runyan in 87th at 1:27.38, Arne in 88th at 1:30.01, Hayward in 89th at 1:31.28 and Francis in 90th at 1:33.42.


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