SCSD1 trustees recognize Bondurant Elementary students

Robert Galbreath photo Students at Bondurant Elementary School perform one of Wyoming's state songs for the SCSD1 Board of Trustees on Tuesday, Oct. 13. The board recognized all four students with Character Strong Awards. Pictured, from left, are Holt Woolstenhulme, Tynlee Smith, Dryden Woolstenhulme and Brady Saunders.

BONDURANT – The Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees honored Bondurant Elementary School (BES) students at its Oct. 13 meeting.

BES teacher Karin Unruh presented four pupils with Character Strong Awards for demonstrating a unique, positive trait.

Third-grader Dryden Woolstenhulme earned the Character Strong Award for respect.

“Dryden is a fantastic friend and classmate,” said Unruh. “He enjoys helping his classmates and me. He always tries to think of what he can do for someone else. Dryden is kind and compassionate toward everyone at Bondurant Elementary School.”

Tynlee Smith, a second grader, was honored with the Character Strong Award for responsibility.

“Tynlee works hard and focuses on every task she is given,” Unruh told the board. “I can trust Tynlee to set an example for positive behavior for her classmates. She makes responsible decisions throughout the school day and is always a student I can count on.”

First-grader Brady Saunders took home the Character Strong Award for respect.

“Brady follows directions and is respectful toward his classmates and me,” Unruh said. “He interacts nicely with his classmates and makes sure to include them in activities at recess. He treats everyone at the school with kindness.”

Holt Woolstenhulme, also a first grader, received the Character Strong Award for responsibility.

“Since the first day of school, Holt has proven to be a responsible student,” Unruh explained. “He is reliable and wants to work all day. As soon as he finishes an activity, he is prepared to start a new task. Holt is excited to study new topics and smiles all day. He brings a lot of joy to Bondurant Elementary School.”