Letter to the editor: Opportunity for public comments

Letter to the editor:

For the Sublette County’s Doyle Pit Mine, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) will be holding a public comments meeting on Dec. 14, 6 p.m., at the Pinedale Library in the Lovitt Room. Plan to attend as this will be a good opportunity for you to let the WDEQ and your county commissioners know what you think about the county’s plan to build an open pit mine within the county’s largest population area. The planned mine is located adjacent to the town of Pinedale and surrounded by four subdivisions. The meeting will be an excellent opportunity to have your voice heard.

County commissioners approved the expansion and development of the Doyle Pit gravel mine at the July 5 meeting. Commissioners Bousman, White and Noble voted for approval. Commissioners Vickrey and Stephens voted against. The plan includes a hot mix asphalt plant, removing 50,000 tons of gravel and sand annually and a Highway 191 intersection near the already busy Pole Creek Road intersection.

On Sept. 6, concerned citizens submitted a petition opposing the mine to the county commissioners. Two-hundred and 23 citizens signed the petition. Commissioner Tom Noble is spearheading the mine. He stated that the county plans to move forward with the mine and offered the concerned citizens platitudes: We will build berms, dig the hole deeper and use sprinklers to reduce dust. When asked about water and air quality/management plans, he could not respond. When a concerned citizen spoke of damage to her “view from the kitchen window,” Noble responded, “Make your husband do the dishes.” Noble also stated in the meeting that “he would rather live next to an open pit mine than a subdivision.”

Plan to attend this meeting. Share your thoughts!

Dan Jones, Pinedale