Legacy captures Adult Softball League Championships

Robert Galbreath photo Team Legacy, the Sublette County Adult Softball League’s 2022 Champion. Pictured in front, from left, are Matt Kroeger, Morgan Powers, Keaton Cross, Whitley Beard, Darcie Petersen and Josh Powers. Back row, from left, are Trent Guthrie, Jody Guthrie, Charlene Gower, Dylan Reese, Martina Emden, Jacob Mitchell and Mike Gentry.

PINEDALE – The Boom and Legacy battled to a 16-16 stalemate at the close of the sixth inning during the final game for the Sublette County Adult Softball League’s 2022 Championship on Monday, Aug. 22.

The game went into a tiebreaker and Keaton Cross of Legacy stepped up to bat. The Boom delivered a pitch. Cross swung and slammed the bat into the ball with deadeye accuracy, sending it high in the sky, clearing the fence where it landed in the weeds beyond the boundaries of Dudley Key Sports Complex.

Cross’ home run secured Legacy’s 18-16 victory and the 2022 Adult Softball League Championship, upsetting The Boom’s attempt to hold onto the trophy for another year.

Six teams tallied enough wins through the season to make it to the playoffs on Monday night. The evening opened with Champion X defeating Sports Team to advance to the semifinals. The Boom scored its first win, eliminating Saved 2nd Base.

Legacy entered the fray, knocking out Champion X in the semifinals on the east field. The Boom struck out Sublette Communications in the semifinal game on the west field.

The action came down to the final nail-biter between The Boom and Legacy. The scoreboard remained tied or within one or two points following each inning  – until Legacy knocked it out of the park.


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