Greetings from outer space!

Robert Galbreath photos Dancing to an out-of-this-world beat. From left, Yulia Carpenter, Penelope Wheeler, Kaelynn Hull and Kamryn Booth perform a galactic-themed dance routine from PFAC’s Dancers’ Workshop Dance and Visual Arts Camp during intermission at the final Summer Soundcheck Music Series concert. Penelope Wheeler, center, describes the alien she created at the Pinedale Fine Arts Council’s Dancers’ Workshop Dance and Visual Arts Camp as Symon Carpenter, left, uses acting to bring the story to life. Also pictured is Karen Hogan of the Dancers’ Workshop in Jackson.

Colorful rocket ships zoom into American Legion Park on Friday, Aug. 12. The crafts swoop and swirl before landing.

Suited up space explorers and aliens with brightly painted faces emerge from the spacecrafts. The out-of-this-world experience was the final performance for young participants in the Dancers’ Workshop Dance and Visual Arts Camp hosted by the Pinedale Fine Arts Council (PFAC).

The campers performed a series of dances during intermission at PFAC’s final Summer Soundcheck Music Series concert to bring the vast expanses of outer space close to home through creative writing, dance and visual arts.

Luke Zender and Karen Hogan of The Dancers’ Workshop in Jackson directed the camp, said Arlaina Goddard, administrative and marketing associate at PFAC. Attendees explored themes like how bodies move through negative space, Goddard added, and created their own planets, aliens and rockets.