From the Green River Valley Museum archives: finding the right parts

The following story was shared by the Green River Valley Museum in celebration of the Sublette County Centennial.

There was a guy in Big Piney named Donald “Pood” Gray, who worked for a local machinery company. He was a real likable, easy-going fellow.

One day, a rancher came into the store and ordered some bailer teeth which were repeatedly put on back order. Pood couldn’t get them in stock. The rancher kept calling, getting madder and madder.

Finally, the rancher called Pood and told him, “When you get those teeth in, you can cram them up your ass!”

Pood didn’t say anything in response.

A few days later, the same rancher called back, this time acting as if nothing had happened. He wanted some rake parts. Pood stated that they were in stock and offered to put them in the center of a stack of tires outside of the building for the rancher to pick up after-hours. The rancher agreed to that suggestion.

Well, Pood got busy and forgot to put the rake parts out.

The next morning, the rancher called and was furious, demanding to know, “Just where in the hell you put those parts!”

Pood replied, “Oh! That’s right! I shoved them up alongside of those bailer teeth.”