Come celebrate with us!

On Oct. 14, 2022, a celebration of 95 years of the continuous membership of the Sublette County Artists’ Guild will take place at the Pinedale County Library in the evening. Members will read from past publications and from their own writings. This celebration is in conjunction with an art show of Delsa Allen’s photography.

I would like to give you a sample of early members’ writings, which are as varied as the strong women who wrote them. Each of these is in the book A POUCH OF POSSIBLES published in 1969.

by Caryn Bing

I saw the wailing geese soar through

Wyoming’s skies of gorgeous blue.

They soared high over the lowly ridge

As though their V had formed a bridge

From bird to bird.  With a flair,

They plowed the great depths of air,

Then lowered downward to glide

Across the autumn countryside.

I watched them with a deep, drawn sigh,

What a lovely picture for a camera’s eye!

Caryn Bing was my fifth-grade schoolteacher and through her I

developed a love of art, reading and writing.

This is the first and last stanza of a poem by Madge Funk.


There’s a little old cabin that’s weathered and worn;

And it stands by a clear rushing stream;

It holds memories, many, of sunshine and storm…

The pride of a mountain man’s dream. (first stanza)

There are boxes of treasures that we’ve gathered for years,

From the lake where the winds washed ashore

These crude, carven stones, fashioned in hour of toil,

By the red man, who lived long before. (last stanza)

Madge Funk was the Sublette County social agent. She was also the

leader of the Pinedale Campfire Girls along with Capitola Looney Fox, who was leader of the Big Piney Campfire Girls.  Madge was involved in Girls State for many years. She had a huge positive impact on all of the

youth in our county for many years. Just ask us!

I hope you will join us in our celebration on Oct. 14 at the Pinedale Library for a wonderful evening of art and readings.


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