Big Piney breezes through agenda

File photo

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The Big Piney Town Council and staff moved effortlessly through their 20-minute meeting on Nov. 21.

A number had already taken leave for Thanksgiving getaways but there were several topics of discussion.

Dalin Hughes, Tawnya Miller, Kinsy Voss and Mayor Shane Voss attended; councilmember Sierra Banks did not.

The council unanimously approved motions to renew liquor licenses for the Spur/Shadyside and LaCabaña.

Recreation manager Eddy Delgado reported 55 vendors brought their wares to the Big Piney Rec Center’s Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, Nov. 18, and many shoppers strolled the gyms and hallways.

The only pressing issue to report was that the rec center’s automatic flushing systems are wearing out batteries “like crazy” and sensors aren’t working well. The council approved his hiring a plumber to check the system and if necessary, replace the automatic sensors with manual   levers.

Water-sewer manager Mike Wagstaff reported 6.5 million gallons of municipal water were pumped and 1.8 million were sold. A tank-cleaning inspection revealed that one needs more epoxy sealant that the town’s consensus funds might cover.

Wagstaff is working with Jorgensen’s engineers to look at different sizes of chlorine-generation equipment.

Parks-streets manager Kara Losik said permits are in hand for Big Piney’s Parade of Lights on Saturday, Dec. 2, with the community Christmas tree-lighting tradition to follow in Centennial Park. Mayor Voss said he would deliver a short greeting.

In the meantime, Losik is setting out the town’s “adopt-a-tree” for people to decorate before the Dec. 2 parade.

After approving vouchers, the council unanimously agreed to adjourn.